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Weekends are good cos you haven't got teachers going on at you, and some of those creeps from school aren't around. Sometimes the foster family I'm with take me off somewhere, so that can be cool. We went on an overnight trip to France once and I thought it was great - video games on the boat all the way over. Then we went to this karting place where I couldn't understand what they were saying to me so I just kept going when we were supposed to stop! It was wicked. I could drive it really well.

I don't always see my mates at weekends cos I don't live near them any more - I think my social worker thought that was a good idea. Some weekends I see my Dad, but not very often since he lives with someone else miles away. My Mum's in prison so I'm supposed to visit her some Sundays, but I can't stand it so I try to get out of it. Nobody else in the class knows about my Mum, I just tell them I ain't got one.

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