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Hi I'm Chris's older brother. I don't live at home any more but I still live in Hove. I see the family quite a lot, actually I'm in and out for my tea and to get mum to do my washing! Yeah yeah, I know, isn't it sexist, but she's got a machine and she says she doesn't mind.

Chris coming out was probably the biggest shock our family have ever had. Dad went mad, saying he knew they should never have moved to this queer place. Mum kept thinking it was just a phase Chris was going through, although secretly I think she had known for ages. Katy, our younger sister, never really said anything, she just hated all the fights. Me? Well, I just couldn't stand the thought of it.... But he's my brother, what can I do? Dad wanted me to take him to ... 'manly' places, you know, girly bars and that, but I couldn't, he would have hated it. Still, I did feel sorry for him and kind of wished I could help him change, you know what I mean...? . Anyway they, Chris, mum and dad ended up going to some gay support group to talk about things. It seemed to help, although dad can still get a bit funny about it sometimes.

I think Chris gets a lot of hassle at school and I offered to teach him how to fight but he wasn't interested. He's a good kid really, and at least he's got the support of the groups he goes to. I'd always stick up for him, in spite of everything, he is my brother.

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