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My best weekends are when I've stayed over at my aunt's or at Kirstie's on the Friday night. The end of the week is when I try not to be at home, cos of what used to happen last year. Anyway, when I'm at Kirstie's we usually stay up late with some video, then get up late and have breakfast with one of those Saturday morning kids' shows that we're meant to be too old for.

Then we go into town. It doesn't matter what the weather's like, we always go into town - there's always somewhere to hang about.

I like to go clubbing later on, even though we're under age, but Kirstie's a bit sad about it, saying we'll get caught and thrown out. Well, I try on my own when she goes home, sometimes I get in, sometimes I don't.

Sundays are dead boring (though when the shops are open I sometimes go and hang about again. Kirstie can't usually come on Sundays cos she spends time with her mum... I'm meant to see my dad on Sundays but I don't want to, not really.

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