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I suppose my hassle is being from a Traveller family. Although I don't get as much hassle now as I did when we first moved into our house, I still hear stupid comments especially if Travellers have what we call 'pulled on' in the area. You would have thought the nazis had arrived! I mean I'm not stupid, I know some Travellers leave a mess when they leave an area and sometimes it costs the council a lot of money but we don't all do that, just like we're not all thieves. To say that all Travellers are thieves would be the same as saying that all gorgios (non-Travellers) are murderers because a few of them have committed murder. It's just stupid. I get so angry about it cos people think they know everything about us, when really they don't know anything. But usually it's no big deal, now I've been settled for so long a lot of people don't even know that I'm a Traveller.

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