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At CoastKid, in collaboration with Phen375 - the online phentermine resource, we aim to speak at schools and educate teachers, parents and students about the signs and consequences of bullying to transform school violence into an inclusive and supportive community.

We strongly feel that it requires a community to develop children, and when you happen to be constructing the best qualified community, countless challenges will easily perform well on their own.

Here are our values to promote this campaign:


Encourage fortitude and goodness within the school room.

Students discover ways to become a buddy , never to intimidate, the gap between tattling as well as advising and the way to have the community a better place.


The teacher's guide transforms every single phase of the guide into a model on solidarity and bullying elimination.


Students are made aware of the legal consequences of their behaviors and the devastating effects to every one involved.


The club manual offers a student-initiated program promoting bullying prevention and non-violence within schools and communities.

Our mission is to Stand Up and Speak Out… End Bullying!

Where there are people in need, we’ll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.



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